Vicky Saunders

Investment funds for female entrepreneurs are not exactly commonplace in the world of finance. But today’s guest, SheEO founder and Canadian entrepreneurial powerhouse, Vicki Saunders, has been on a one woman crusade to change that.

Her mammoth task has involved championing the term ‘radical generosity’, which means allowing people (men and women) to share capital in order to help like-minded women turn their light bulb moment into a successful company.

Since launching SheEO in Canada in 2015, Vicki has successfully built up a network spanning numerous countries and sectors, with ambitious plans to raise $1bn of funding for one million women, by 2026, she is well on her way.

How? Find out as we chat about:

  • Her favourite quote - everything's broken, what a great time to be alive.

  • How the SheEO fund works.

  • How they’ve achieved a 100% payback rate.

  • What path took her to founding SheEO.

  • Why her favourite book is Winners Take All.

  • What it’s like for someone to get investment through SheEO.

  • How people can get involved if they want to help.

  • Why meditation helps her cut through all the noise.

  • Why she lives by the motto - energy input equals impact you’re having.

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