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Rich Martell

Rich is the producer and co-founder of Secret Leaders.

He also co-founded Orderswift, an online ordering product used by over 1,000 restaurants in the UK including the likes of Prezzo, Ask Italian, Zizzi and many others.

Originally a Computer Science graduate from UCL, Rich started his first company in 2010 and has recently started angel investing.

Outside of work Rich enjoys being outdoors (cycling, skiing, climbing) and also holds a helicopter pilots license.

Dan Murray

Dan is the host and Co-Founder of Secret Leaders.

He is the Co-Founder of Heights, a human potential company where he spends his time working with dieticians, nutritionists, and psychologists to create the ultimate holistic brand for the brain.

He is developing products that launch in June, until then he sends a Sunday weekly newsletter on 3 actionable things from neuroscience, psychology and nutrition for the mind that you can do to optimise your week ahead, in 3 minutes.

You can sign up at

Dan was once named the UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year but since turning 30 is not allowed to claim that.

You can find him @danmurrayserter on all social platforms.

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