Series 1

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Nick Jenkins startup entrepreneur interview

1 - Nick jenkins

The founder of Moonpig - the wildly successful personalised E card company that sold to Photobox in 2011. He’s become a household name every Sunday night as a dragon on BBC1’s Dragon’s Den. As both his own seed investor, and a sole founder - he shares his journey from startup to exit.

Alice Bentinck

2 - Alice Bentinck

Alice started at McKinsey and on the day she was going to start at google, got convinced by her business partner Matt to just start this with her instead, a gamble that paid off.They recruit 100 technologists every 6 months, help them develop ideas. More recently they raised £40m fund to invest with.

Graham Hobson interviews

3 - Graham Hobson

Graham is the Co Founder of Photobox, the digital printing powerhouse that exited for a reported £400m+.
But it was 16 years in the making. Graham shares their tumultuous ride to eventual success. From where he started to how he has found himself in this remarkable position.

HRH the Duke of York entrepreneur

4 - HRH the duke of york

The Duke of York supports entrepreneurs by providing them with access to mentors and advisers, and investment. He founded Pitch@Palace in 2014, recognising the profound role that Entrepreneurship is playing, and will continue to play in the future of the Global economy.

Jess Butcher latest interview

5 - jess butcher

Jess co-founded Blippar, the augmented reality giant. Jess has as of 2016 raised a total of $100m valuing the business at a reputed $1bn. In this episode recorded in Nick Jenkins' House aka Moonpig Castle, Jess gives us an insight into founding Blippar and also what it's like building a business while also raising a family.

Michael Action-Smith

 6 - michael acton-smith

Michael Acton Smith is a man whose biggest success, Moshi Monsters, grew to over 100 million registered users and expanded to over 150 countries around the world. More recently he has focussed his attention on raising awareness in the mental health space with the meditation app - Calm.

Steve Bartlett entrepreneur interview

7 - Steve bartlett

At the age of 18, Steve dropped out of school and embarked on his first business, Wallpark - a social media venture connecting students, essentially a digital social notice board. He then exited in 2013 and Co Founded the Social Chain, a multi million pound business with heavy weight clients.

Reshma Sohoni Podcast Interviews

8 - reshma sohoni

Our guest this week is Co Founder of not only the first ever, but also arguably the most successful Seed Fund in Europe, Seedcamp.With over 200 investments to her name, its not fair to focus only on their largest, as they’ve backed many exciting winners, which she’ll be talking to us about today.

Daniel Priestley entrepreneur interview

9 -daniel priestley

As an author and entrepreneur, Daniel used writing as a way to get his thought process down while running his own business and along the way his books became what he is most known for. His catalogue includes the titles “24 Assets”, “Oversubscribed” and “Key Person of Influence”.

Alicia Navarrpo CEO Interview

10 - alicia navarro

Alicia is the co-founder and CEO of Skimlinks. Her company has gone through many highs and lows along the way as well as receiving over $20m in venture funding. Alicia gives us an insight into starting and then running a high growth company as well as what she gets up to when she's not working.


11 - sir john hegarty

Co-founder of ad agency BBH, Sir John Hegarty is the co-founder and creator of acclaimed campaigns for brands such as Levi’s, Audi, BA and Johnnie Walker, Hegarty has been a leader in the advertising industry for more than 50 years. Today he reveals some of his best known and creative tricks.

Tamara Lohan

12 - tamara lohan

Co-founder and CTO of Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels. She started with her husband James 14 years ago, and has been at the heart of one of the best loved internet brands in Britain, but it in fact started as a guidebook for people like her who wanted to explore the luxury boutiques across the country. 

Vincent Dignan entrepreneur interview

13 - vincent dignan

Today’s guest is the self styled Jesus Christ Superstar of the organic viral growth world. From living off benefits to touring the West Coast inspiring young entrepreneurs on how to build an audience, Vincent’s life has gone from rags to riches in very little time, and should be viewed as an inspiration that anyone with a strong work ethic.


14 - sarah wood

Sarah Co Founded Unruly before selling it for a reported £114m to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp a few years later. She now spends her time teaching a course at Cambridge whilst maintaining a role as CEO at the company she helped build. In this episode you'll find out exactly why Rupert was willing to spend that much on it! 


15 - simon cook

Simon is one of the key Venture Capital investors in the UK & the CEO and Founder of Draper Esprit. Most recently, Simon has focused on disrupting the traditional VC structure by taking his company public on an IPO that raised over £100m of ‘permanent capital’ which he intends to use to grow the UK’s influence globally.