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When: 6.30pm, Mon 17 June 2019

Where: WeWork Aviation House, 125 Kingsway

The Other Side Of The Table

with William Reeve (Love Film, Graze, Secret Escapes) and Simon Cook (Draper Esprit)

Life as a startup founder can be pretty tough right? 

However - hearing about life from the other side of the table - it doesn't sound so rosey either - so join us for a special Secret Leaders Live with 2 superstar entrepreneur/investors who can share everything you need to, and ever wanted to know.

Simon Cook, the founder and CEO of the UK's first publicly traded Venture Capital firm - Draper Esprit. 

William Reeve, the Co Founder of LoveFilm which everyone now knows as Amazon Prime Video - and Secret Escapes, as well as an amazing executive career with other notable exits we can discuss on the night.

So what makes this conversation different? 

Well, aside from two very open investors willing to share their war stories - Simon Cook was on the LoveFilm board - so they've worked together directly too.

If you've ever been interested in 

  • Starting a business

  • Raising money from angels or VCs

  • Or wanted to know about the process of going public....

Then THIS is the event for you.

Warning - all our events sell out fast - we have limited spots, only 200 per event.

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