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When: 6.30pm, Mon 7 Oct 2019

Where: WeWork, Devonshire Square, Spitalfields, London EC2M 4YD

7th Oct - Entrepreneurship And Mental Health

Building a business is hard work; just getting over the initial hurdle of everyone around you telling you why you can't do it, and 100 reasons why they won't support you, buy from you, join your team or invest is enough - but sadly that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The emotional rollercoaster of this unique lifestyle and career choice sadly takes it's toll with instances of mental health occurrences higher than almost every other career choice - over 55% of business owners are cited to report a mental health disorder in the last year. 

Speaking up about your experience with it can be hard work - but on Secret Leaders, we focus heavily on brutal honesty and authenticity - which is why we are honoured to bring the refreshing honesty of the lifestyle choice to the stage in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Day.

Join some incredible special guests from past episodes openly share their experiences with mental health in a direct and brutally open way, on their journey.


When: 6.30pm, Thurs 14 Oct 2019

Where: WeWork, Devonshire Square, Spitalfields, London EC2M 4YD

14th Nov - Series 4 Launch

Secret Leaders is back with a special series - a mix of studio interviews with some of the country's best, most inspiring entrepreneurs and releases of our exclusive live events featuring the insights from multiple guests on stage around important topics like funding, mental health, reflections and more.

We are delighted to welcome one of our Series 4 guests, Rishi Koshla to the stage - a real Secret leader.

With his latest venture Oak North, he recently completed a $1bn funding round led by none other than Softbank's Vision Fund and are Britain's most highly valued Fintech startup.

He joins us on stage with another guest (currently TBC) to discuss his journey of entrepreneurship.

See you there and in the meantime tune in to our past 3 series at www.secretleaders.com or join us on instagram www.instagram.com/secretleaders

PAST Events


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The founders of the world’s largest healthcare app and world’s largest mindfulness app

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