The Alchemist Devoted to Spreading the Poetry of Scent

Today’s Secret Leader is Jo Malone CBE, founder of her namesake and more recently Jo Loves. Of all the guests we’ve had the wonderful fortune of interviewing, Jo has one of the biggest reputations preceding her, but worry not, it’s an entirely positive one.

From battles with dyslexia to cancer Jo is well known for being authentic, inspiring, and a true hero to young entrepreneurs everywhere.

We chat about:

  • Growing up in a council house, looking after her mother, and putting her sister through school

  • Leaving school at 14 and going over to London to sell face creams in order to pay the family bills

  • Moving to London and doing all sorts of odd jobs

  • Putting her astounding sense of smell into an actual business

  • Opening the first Jo Malone shop in 1994 with her husband

  • Receiving an offer to sell to Estée Lauder after three years

  • Facing the greatest challenge of her life and starting a new business after five year

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