From £8k to Global Domination: The Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt Story

Here to share with us his journey from owning an Aston Martin to owning a multi-million pound shirt company is Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler, one of UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

After being left £8,000 from a great aunt, Nick used the money to purchase the English dream: an Aston Martin DB1. One year later he sold the same car for an eye-watering £75,000 profit. This profit became the funding that set Nick up to become the powerhouse he is now.

Nick founded Charles Tyrwhitt as an undergraduate in 1986, after being frustrated that shirts were too expensive. For several years the company was just a hobby alongside Nick’s full-time job. However, by 2002, Charles Tyrwhitt had stores in London, Paris and NY, and is now on its way to achieve global domination.

We chat about:

  • Nick’s previous ventures and how he started and grew Charles Tyrwhitt

  • Nick’s infatuation for learning from mistakes, over and over and over again

  • The do’s and don’ts of hiring when you’re a small company

  • His advice to entrepreneurs worldwide


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