Finding Your Ikigai and Stopping to Smell the Roses: Founder Holly Tucker

Today we are delighted to bring you Holly Tucker, the co-founder of the first marketplace of its kind,, the place to pick up fantastic inspiration and bespoke gifts. Side note: is also very helpful when you’re trying to get back into your mum’s good books and make her happy with a thoughtful hand-designed gift. Just saying!

Like so many businesses, it was set up around a kitchen table shared by her co-founder Sophie Cornish. We dare say this was the inspiration behind her bestselling book, “Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table”, but you know, that’s just a guess!

Hear more about Holly’s inspirational story, as she shares the highs and lows of building one of Britain’s best-loved online marketplaces.


We chat about:

  • Working from the age of 13

  • Creating together with Sophie Cornish at their respective kitchen tables

  • Giving back and helping small businesses thrive

  • Why Sophie advises entrepreneurs to trust their internal compasses


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